Lagundi and Sorake (Nias)

Tourism in Nias started because of surfing. Australian surfers discovered the famous Lagundi/Sorake wave in 1960s. Lagundi became World famous for its long and perfect wave. International competitions have been held regularly since 1993. For those who never have tried surfing there are surf instructors available. There is a nice surf observation tower in front of Dolin's. Boards for rent are available in several places. here are also board repair facilities in Sorake.

The best surfing season is normally June-July, sometimes until October. During this season the surfing is further out and surfers access through a passage in the reef called "the keyhole". Outside high season there are also times with the extra big waves, for example around days near full moon. In other months the surfing is normally done in front of the observation tower. These months are good for beginners and learners. The surf called "The Point" or "Sorake Wave" is in front of the observation tower. It is a right hand surf with long, perfect waves with very barrels. It is easy to paddle out through the natural channel, the Keyhole. In high season he waves are 6-14 feet high. "The Indicator", in front of Tolong Menolong is dangerous right hand surf breaking directly on the reef at low tide. It is suitable only for very experienced people and only at high tide. The waves are 4-6 feet high. "The Machine" fas iside the Bay has a left hand surf. If Sorake Wave is big, the Machine is also big. The waves are 4-6 feet high and only suitable at high tide. "Sobatu" (also called Deep Jungle Open) is a right hand surf with waves up to 15-16 feet breaking directly on the reef. It is only suitable at high tide and only for very experienced surfers. Pantai Walohiu has also surfing. Hilisataro and Hiliduha (one beach with two names) 10 km to the northeast of Teluk Dalam has both left hand and right hand surf. At most they become 4 feet high. The location is not hard to find, but using a surfing guide can be good idea.
Pulau Asu and Pulau Bawa

Pulau Asu and Pulau Bawa are popular among surfers and are unknown to have the biggest waves in Nias, even though the waves are not as perfect as in Lagundi. The surfing season is normally between half April and the end of October. Asu has a left hand surf and Bawa right hand surf. The surfing is good in Asu when the winds come from the south and the west. In Bawa it is the opposite, i.e good when the winds come from North. The waves are tall, up to 15 feet. The waters are rather shallow and dangerous. Out of season the waves are small and less dangerous. The waves are intense and many surfboards have been consumed here. There are no surfboards for rent, except a few odd ones.

Pantai Afulu

Afulu is yet another secret surfing spots. There are good left hand side reef breaks, near Pantai Afulu, app 1 km from Darius' accommodation in Afulu. The best season is probably March-April. The beach Pantai Afulu is very nice. It is only a 200m walk from the only accommodation in Afulu. The surfing is at one end of this beach.

Pantai Walohiu

Walohiu is a beach northwest of Sorake on the other side of the peninsula. It is a beach of the same type as Pantai Lagundi. The beach is protected in a bay and the water is calm. At the western end is a small river flowing out. The sand beach continuous beyond and around the point. Outside this point is left-hand surf with waves of at most 5 feet high, when the wind comes from the sea. The beach is very quiet and only few people come here.

Pulau-pulau Batu

When asking surfers who have been to Pulau-pulau Batu if the surfing there is good or not, they say it is bad, but they do come back and they say for a long time! Places normally visited by surfers are: Pulau Sibolo, its west coast, Pulau Sibaranun, its southern end and its west coast, Pulau Sipika, its southern point, Pulau Makele, its southern point, Ujung Duru, southern Tanah Bala, Tanjung Tanemukinu, southern end of Tanah Bala, Ujung Hati southern end of Tanah Bala. Best surfing is from May/June to Sepetember, during the western season. In January to May there are not many good waves for surfing. There are no surfboards for rent so you would have to bring your own.

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