[Destination] Tapanuli


• Sibolga Sea Port
Sibolga is the capital Tapanuli. It is known for its lovely beach, called ‘Tapian Nauli’ which means ‘Beatiful Beach’ and the clear waters. It is 173 kms away from Parapat on the west coast of Sumatera faching the Indian Ocean.

Several small island with whaite sandy beaches lie opposite Sibolga. Tourist can really enjoy the sea, san and sun at these island, and they can go swimming, fishing, scubadiving and boating, one of the interesting is Pandan Beach.

• Pandan Beach
This is actually a fishermen’s village where life goes on in the traditional way. There are some small restourant offering fresh roasted fish just cought from the sea, and several shops that sell varieties of seashells coral and gem stones. Pandan beach is 11 kms from the town of Sibolga leding to Padang Sidempuan.

• Mursala Island
At subdistrict of Sibolga, lying oppisite in the Indian Ocean. Mursala is well-known for its sea recreation facilities. Many species of Fish and Marine life can be seen clearly Othwer attraction are waterfall, white sandy beaches and hunting area. The island can be reached by boat from the mainlend.

• Barus Town
This the alast entry port now, 65 km from Sibolga, on Sumatera’s West coast many old raves and relives can be found here as remaining of others tribs or Kingdoms who had once lived here in the past. The white sandy beaches are ideal for swimming and sunbathing and the big waves of the Indian Ocean allow for surfing as well.

• Bonan Dolok
Bonan Dolok is situated 9 km from Sibolga at 850 m abouve sea lived in the sub – district of Sibolga. It overlooks the Tapanuli bay with a beatiful view of the sea. There is “Wisman” (Lodging House) for visitors to stay, located along the main road.

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