Lahore: A Hub of Cultural Activities

Lahore is the hub of cultural activities be it theatre, fine arts or festivals. Speaking of festivals one is reminded of the regular feature at Alhamra Art Centre, the puppet theatre for children going on for the last many years and every Sunday children enjoy this theatre and feel jubilant seeing puppets talking and dancing.

This theatre provides regular entertainment for children in Lahore. Unfortunately, in our country there is usually less entertainment for children as compared to the elders, but for the last five years Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop has been providing great opportunity to the youth by holding youth festivals in which educational institutions participate and conduct theatrical performances or musical concerts.

The recent and sixth youth festival by Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop at Lahore brought a fresh air of international participation as four countries — Croatia, Germany, India, United Kingdom — were invited to the festival. The Alhamra Cultural Complex was shining like a star with illuminations on festival night. Cool breeze, wonderful venue and exceptional performances turned the fair into a dreamy one.

A large number of youngsters were present at the inaugural ceremony of the festival.

Punjab Governor Khalid Maqbool, an ardent fan of art and culture who has put a lot of effort to turn an otherwise static Lahore Arts Council into an active one, inaugurated the festival. A generous Governor announced Rs500,000 for winning teams as prize money to be given on the final day of the festival. The youngsters were excited to know that their labour would be rewarded as they would not only be given certificates and shields but also cash prize.

The Cultural Complex was looking colourful as different multi-colour stalls and camps were set up. Stalls had handicrafts and eatable items as well as camps were set up for performances. A large number of youngsters clad in colourful attire mostly informal were extremely excited. The festival attracted a good number of students from different educational institutions.

Different educational institutions staged wonderful performances at the festival

Aleena Pirzada the moving spirit behind the festival told this scribe that this year’s festival was just unprecedented. “The jury was the family ourselves but it was very difficult to judge this year because most of the performances were just wonderful”. There were guest jurists as well such as actor Salman Shahid and ace documentary producer Shirin Pasha.

A jubilant Pirzada said that last year there were only 18 awards but this year there were 30 awards for different categories “This award thing got us a positive vibe from the participants as they were very excited and happy”.

She was very hopeful about a larger participation in the festival next year when she said that she would be inviting 20 countries in the next festival. Throwing light on the over all productions of the festival the girl behind the festival seemed much inspired by Fankar theatre from Karachi. “They were just brilliant,” she declared. She said that earlier Lahore remained strong in every festival but this year Karachi and Islamabad had turned the tables adding that some of the artistes from Multan also inspired her a lot.

The most interesting competition was the junior competition in which children from class three to class eight participated and believe it or not they staged six full fledged productions not to forget Bloomfield Hall School which performed very well.

Different schools and colleges gave some blue-ribbon performances at the festival, such as City School which staged Gal Niki Jaye; Marvi by Salmat ICAS School, NCA staged Threadmill, Indu Mitha students left audience captivated with classical dance,

Black Fish, an improvisational comedy troupe was highly appreciated for its performance. The bands which rocked the festivals were Orth, Omer and Salman, Orion, Lemon Fuzz, Drainage, Stranger, Brian Pilot, ACMS and Electric March. More

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