51 % of Vietnamese Students Have Premarital Sex

University survey finds 51 % of students have premarital sex

Over 57 percent of Vietnamese university students are “unwilling to learn”, 51 percent have premarital sex, and nearly 31 percent watch pornography, a recent survey found.

The results of the survey done at over 30 universities and junior colleges were released by the Central Committee of Ideology at a conference in Hanoi Thursday to discuss Students’ Lives Nationwide.

Of the 57 percent unwilling to learn, many ‘beg’ their teachers for pass and others cheat in exams.

Half the students pay lip service to political subjects and Marxism-Leninism, both compulsory at tertiary level.

Over 16 percent think watching pornography has no negative effects.

Over 37 percent use drugs, play cards, and gamble for money, all illegal acts in Vietnam.

Dr Duong Tu Dam of the Institute for Youth, said such living styles were the inevitable flipside of the market economy and the spread of the Internet besides inadequate monitoring by schools and families.

Schools focused more on book learning rather than training in ethics, he added.

Reported by Vu Tho - Translated by A.N.O.N

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