West Java Election

Hade the Winners in West Java Election
Wednesday, 23 April, 2008

TEMPO Interactive, Bandung: The Regional General Elections Commission (KPUD) yesterday (22/4) confirmed Ahmad Heryawan and Yusuf Macan Effendi, AKA Dede Yusuf, known as Hade, as the elected Governor and Deputy Governor for West Java.

The pair received 287,647 votes or 40.4 percent higher than other candidates.
“The KPUD plenary meeting confirmed this pair as Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java,” Ferry Kurnia Rizkiyansyah, a member of the West Java KPUD, told Tempo.

Supporters of Agum Gumelar and Numan Abdul Hakim, known as Aman, came again to the KPUD office to ask for the meeting to be delayed.

However, KPUD still organized a public meeting with the success teams of the three candidates, yesterday morning.

They announced the voting result in the meeting.

Hade won in 17 out of 26 cities and districts in West Java.

Aman won in six regions while Danny Setiawan and Iwan Sulanjana won in three districts/cities.

The protest disturbed the meeting.

Members of the Aman team complained about the election report opened before it was announced and that the voting results from Purwakarta and Cirebon were different from their own calculations.

They refused to sign the election report.

Rahadi Zakaria, a member of success team for Aman, mentioned some of their objections.

One of these was about the number of voters which was only 27.9 million while the total West Java population is 41 million.
Their protest cannot be accepted as their internal documentation could not be used as authentic evidence.

KPUD asked them to submit an official objection.

Representatives from other candidates accepted the election report and signed it.

Head of West Java KPUD, Setia Permana, said the objection would not cancel the decision for West Java Governor and Deputy Governor, even if they do not sign the report.

“It is not a problem,” he said.

The result of this meeting will be immediately sent to the West Java Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) to be delivered to the President through the Home Affairs Minister.


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