[Destination] Dairi

Dairi is situated to the south of the Karo highlinds and is bordered by the Special Terrotory/Province Of Aceh. This region is known as a hillside resort area. Dairi is also famous for the coffe trees are grown here. Dairi can be rached by bus or taxi from Medan and Kabanjahe. It’s about 5 hours from Medan and 3 hours from Kabanjahe direction.

The native people here are the Pak-pak tribe, who have a unique culture reflected in their dances, songs, myths and legends, as well as their traditional house.
Several non-star hotels and soimple acommodation can be found here.
Tourist attraction that can be visited here are :

• Pea Raja
It’s located approximately 7 kms from Sidikalang. Here can see the last castle of King Sisingamangaraja XII, a national Fighter againts the Dutch colonial army.

• Lau Pondom-paropo-silalahi
These are interesting places located near by Lake Toba on its west side. Visitors can come here by bus.

• Lau Ronun
Lau Renun is located in Tiga Lingga subdistrict. There is a waterfall here and some lovely sceneries.

• Dariri Meseum
The museum is located in the town of Sidikalang. It has an interesting collection of historiael remains and cultural products of the dairi people, also a disply of the traditional Dairi costoms.

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