[Destination] Mandailing

The South Tapanuli area is the mostsouthern part on North Sumatera, bordering with the province of west Sumatera and Riau. This region has population of arround 900.000 people, known as the Batak Mandailing Angkola.

Padang Sidempuan is the capital city of South Tapanuli. This town is also called ‘Kota Salak’ it lies on the tourist route from West Sumatera to North Sumatera( and vice versa) and thus all overland tour buses shall pass PADANG Sidempuan. As the scenery here is quite beautiful, many domestic and foreign tourist stop over in this region. Some of the interisting tourist objects here are : Portibi Tample, Dolok Simagommago, Pakantan, Husor Tolong, Sibanggor and Adian Lagun Roha.

• Sipirok Town
Sipirok is a small town that has undergone intensive renovation. The views are beautiful here. There is a jungle area and good hotel at Tor Sihobi. The district is famed for at’s ceramic and traditional Batak clothes.

• Portibi Temple
Here one can find the historical remains of a temple from the Hindu Kingdom of Panai, dating 10 A.D. located 78 kms from or 518 kms from Medan, it can be reached by bus or taxi.

• Penyabungan Tonga Village
It is situated 72 kms from Padang Sidempuan. One can see here traditional houses of the Batak Mandailing.

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