[Destination] Sigumpar

• Samosir Island
samosir island in the middle of Lake Toba it covers an area 627 sq kms. Samosir can be considered center of Batak culture as the island contain several village of historical interest. Royal tombs, traditional Batak houses, and stone carvings are recommended to visit longer.

The island of Samosir is easily reached by tourist boat regular ferry. It take 45 minutes from Parapat.

• Tomok Village

tomok is the main gat way of Samosir island. It is situated 9 kms from Parapat. In this village visitoris can see ancient houses in classic Batak styles, with carved beams and saddle shaped roofs. Near the village there is a tomb and sarcop hagi in the vicinity.

Visitors can also buy interesting souvenir here. At least 100 stand have been set up to Tomok, selling the traditional ulos cloth, Batak calendar, carving, two-stringed mandolins and other items. Bargaining is recommended.

There is a European-style hotel which is quite out of place with its surroundings, to the east of Tomok.

• Ambaritta Village

It’s situated 1 km away from Tuktuk or 13 km from Parapat, Ambaritta is a lonely village with many old Batak houses and stone tables and benches where meetings were held by the Sialagan chiefs in the past, here the decided the fate of criminals, the right time for harvesting rice, the date for weddings of the people and other important matters. Souveniers can also be bought here although there is less choice than in Tomok.

• Pangururan Town

Pangururan is located on Samosir island and its separated from mainland only by a canal. There are buses connecting Pangururan with Berastagi. It is about 30 km from Simamindo village and so can be reached by boat. In Pangruruan there ia a hot spring often visited by local and foreign tourist.

• Tele

The views from Tele facing Lake Toba are absolute fantastic. It is only 22 kms from Pangururan. There is a tower where visitors can get a splendid view of the area, in particular Lake Toba, Samosir island, Dolok Pusut Buhit,. There are also restaurant’s and rest-houses.

• Bakkers Village

In this location there are some ancient building structures dating from the times of King Sisingamangaraja I to XII, including the castle with tools and objects used centuries ago

• Tuk-Tuk Village

Tuktuk is an ideal place to rest and relax because it lies in a quite and peaceful site. Money hotels are available here for accommodation. The sandy beach and fresh water are very pleasant for sunbathing and the swimming.

• Balige Town

Balige is situated on the south astern shore of Lake Toba, opposite the tip of Samosir island. It has beautiful sandy beaches. The town is often hosted to some annual Batak festivities, namely the pesta hora’s (horas party) and Pesta Pantai Lumban Silintong (Lumban Silintong Beach Party). There is activity include a fishing competition, traditional sport such as Marjalengkat, Marhonong, and others.

Two museum are found here : the Balige Sisingamangaraja XII museum and Arjuna museum. The Sisingamangaraja museum shows collecting of objects and items used by this past King. His tomb can be seen at Soposurung.

There is also a Monument here in honor of the late general D.I Panjaitan, a National Fiaghther who was killed in the communist coup of 1965.

Adian Nalombok with its gur-gur rest house is a placeoffer panoramic views on the way to the town of Tarutung. It’s only 5 kms from Balige.

Balige located about 65 kms from Parapat. Balige is noted for its traditional Batak cloth. Not for from Balige there is avillage called ‘laguboti’ which is known for its wood carvings and staues.

• Sigumpar Village
Situated `14 kms from Balige and Porsea. One can visit the grave of DR.I.L.Nomensen here. In front of the grave is the Nommensen church. Nomensen was a German missionary of the 19th century, the only one of the western missionaries who was successful in spreading the Christian faith among the Bataks.

Sigumpar is a beautiful village and visitors who enjoy natural beauty will be satisfied here.

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