Indonesian Miner Adaro to pay $350 mln for Maruwai stake

PT Adaro Energy Indonesia's biggest coal producer by market value, said on Thursday that it has agreed to pay $350 million for a 25 percent stake in BHP Billiton's Maruwai coal project.
BHP Billiton, the world's biggest mining group, said on Wednesday that it had chosen Adaro as its local partner to help develop its Maruwai coal mine in Indonesia, less than a year after canning the project.

"We are agreed to pay $350 million pending government approval," said Andre Mamuaya, Adaro's corporate secretary. "Application for approval is ongoing."

BHP Billiton will retain a 75 percent stake in the project, which is located in East and Central Kalimantan. Maruwai has undeveloped metallurgical and thermal coal resources estimated at 774 million tonnes.

The Maruwai coal project is expected to start commercial production in 2014 and output is then seen reaching 6 million tonnes of both thermal and coking coal within five years, a BHP official in Indonesia told Reuters.

Thermal coal is used in power plants, while coking or metallurgical coal is sold to steel mills.

"We believe the outlook for coking coal remains strong on account of steel demand growth and supply pressure due to insufficient infrastructure capacity," said Andreas Bokkenheuser, mining and commodities analyst at UBS Securities, in a note to clients.
BHP Billiton said in June last year it would not go ahead with the first stage of the project because it did not fit with the company's long-term investment strategy, but later said it would sell a stake and opened up bidding.

A sharp recovery in coal prices following the downturn was one reason why BHP decided to restart the project, the company saidThe project will need between $500 million and $1 billion to produce 6 million tonnes, a BHP official has said. BHP plans to build a railway connecting the mine to the nearest barge-loading ports to help expand production.
Two Middle East Countries Order New N 2130 From PT DI Indonesia

Two Middle East Countries Order New N 2130 From PT DI Indonesia

Director of Aircraft Integration of PT DI, the largest Indonesian aircraft manufacturer, Budiwuraskito, told Jawa Pos, that two Middle East Countries have confirmed orders for N-2130.

N 2130 is the biggest aircraft that will ever built by PT DI. The N2130 Technology Program (NTP) was launched in October 1994 as a market and product-definition study. The NTP team was headed by Habibie's eldest son, Ilham, and consists of IPTN's younger, so-called "second generation", design engineers and managers. Its work was to be concluded by March 1997, with the drafting of the aircraft's design requirements and objectives.

PT Dua Satu Tiga Puluh (DSTP) as owner or holding company was founded in 1995 [1996?], soon after IPTN N250's roll out. Though industry officials pointed to the aerospace sector’s lack of skill in finding and attracting varied sources of capital, the industry had made some progress in securing alternate funding. PT Dua Satu Tiga Puluh (DSTP) was founded to function as IPTN’s fund-raising agency for the N-2130. DSTP was to raise the $2 billion needed for the design, prototyping, and certification of the aircraft through the private investment of individuals, corporations, and foundations, and an initial shares offering to the Indonesian public.

The aircraft itself, the twin jet 80-130 passenger aircraft N2130, was put into design since 1994, while the plan was already announced three years earlier. According to the timetable presented by IPTN during the Le Bourget Paris Airshow 1995, on March 1997 N2130 should be on 'Design Requirements and Objective' phase, by April 1997, it should have been in the preliminary design process which will be finalized in 2000. According to the 1995 time table, the all-Indonesian-made aircraft would have its maiden flight on March 2004, and the very next month go into certification process until it finally delivered to its first operator on the June 2006 Indonesia Air Show.
Thailand Eyes New Autopart Plants in Java: Investment Board

Thailand Eyes New Autopart Plants in Java: Investment Board

Thailand businesses expressed their interests in setting up autoparts plants in Java in the near future, the Investment Coordinating Board said on Wednesday (24/3).
Thailand businesses expressed their interests in setting up autoparts plants in Java in the near future, the Investment Coordinating Board said on Wednesday (24/3).

Head of the agency Gita Wirjawan told a press conference in Jakarta said “They are keen in building car and motorcycle spareparts factories.”

About 25 businesspersons from Thailand, Gita said are seeking to build the plants in java but no specific area or region made clear by the government, but the board is mediating negotiation between the Thailand side and the local business associations like the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and the Indonesian Young Businessmen Assocciation.

The plans proved Indonesia's investment appeal remains high as the country is still the largest country in south east Asia by population.

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Indocement to build a US$ 150 steam power plant

Indocement to build a US$ 150 steam power plant

PT Indocement Tunggal Tbk (INTP) intends to build a steam power plant (power plant) 2x50 megawatts (MW) worth U.S. $ 100-150 million. This power plant development is an effort to push the efficiency in the company factory.
According to Finance Director Indocement, Christian Kartawijaya, currently the company's brewing the power plant construction site. Locations currently being considered include Citeureup, Tarjun, and surrounding Central Java.

N Sulawesi world`s biggest nutmeg supplier

N Sulawesi world`s biggest nutmeg supplier

North Sulawesi province is supplying 75 percent of global nutmeg needs, confirming its position as the world`s biggest supplier of the commodity, an official said.
The province exported 1,000 to 2,000 tons of nutmeg every month while global demand for the commodity stood at around 20,000 tons per year, Head of the North Sulawesi Provincial Industry and Trade Office Sanny Parengkuan said here on Tuesday.

"We export nutmeg every month in relatively stable quantities," he said.

North Sulawesi`s nutmeg exports went to the four continents of Asia, Europe, America and Africa, he said.

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