India woman imprisoned by in-laws for 15 years

29 April 2007

KOLKATA, India - Police in India have rescued a 40-year-old woman who was imprisoned by her in-laws in a dingy room for 15 years because she could not pay enough dowry.

Police said the woman, Madhavi Das, was naked and locked in the room when policemen broke in with help from neighbours on Saturday.

‘She was admitted in a mental asylum as years of solitary confinement has taken a toll on her sanity,’ Siddhi Nath Gupta, a senior police officer, said on Sunday.

Three members of the family, including her husband, were arrested.

The most common reported form of domestic violence in India is dowry-related, where women are abused and beaten and even killed by their in-laws for not bestowing enough gifts or money to their husbands or their families at the time of marriage.

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