Sultan Marah Laut: Sianjur Mula-mula Segala Limbong, Silindung, Bakkara and Barus (4)

Soon after the death of his brother, Marah Sultan, Sultan Marah Laut suceeded him as a sole ruler in Barus Hilir. With support of a powerful and discipline army, Sultan Marah Laut also known as Sultan Bagonjong raises the dignity of Barus as an independent state.

When Dutch company, VOC attacked by Minang Army in Padang, VOC has no way to run except to seek protection under Sultan Marah Laut power. VOC formally seeks help from Sultan Marah Laut and the Sultan, in the name of humanitarian efforts, lead a force himself to counters Minang army.

Sultan Marah Laut lead a group of Barus navy to Padang and left his brother’s son in law Sultan Marah Pangkat, also the Hulu Sultan, acting as his representative. The navy of Sultanate of Barus succesfully restores peace in Padang and on his way back to Barus, VOC officials, who happen to be in Sultan’s ship, makes a conspiration to kill Sultan.

It seem that VOC was affraid of the growing power of Barus, and tried to reduce Barus as a powerful kingdom in the region. With the help of a “madam” of Europe, Sultan was poisoned in the ship and only his body return home with his navy.

His body was buried in Barus with all the ceremony befitting a ruler. The burial ceremony resemble those used when Ibrahimsyah’s head was buried. After Sultan has been buried, Sultan Tuanku Marah Pangkat, The Hulu Sultan of Barus, succeeded his father in laws as a sole Sultan in Barus.

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