Opat Pusoran, Pasaribu: Between Malay and Batak

Pasaribu families possess extended genealogies which trace the relationship with Sultan Ibrahim. Pasaribu itself is a Batak family name. The nature of the relationship between the Malay, Sultan Ibrahim, and earlier generations of the Pasaribu family will be examined below. Today the Pasaribu family in Barus hold great pride in their family’s past and have a considerable interest in local history.

The Tarusan (somewhere in Minangkabau) origins of Hilir family are mentioned in VOC sorces from 1668, although there was no specific reference to Sultan Ibrahim. Ibrahim is, however, a name which the Hilir family used frequently in seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A pair of decorated gravestones in Si Gambo-Gambo near modern Barus are believed, locally, to mark the graves of Sultan Ibrahim and his wife.

The larger stones is uninscribed, but the other bears an inscription which indicates that its is the grave of a woman called Tuan Amarsura who died in Safar 972 or AD 1565.

In Batak legends, it said that Sultan Ibrahim is a descendant of a Batak army who migrated to Tarusan from Barus, as a result of the conflict between the ruler of Minang (Raja Mughal) and a member his families who ruled Aceh as a center of power in Sumatera. His ancestor is Erha Ni Sang Maima, someone who migrated to Barus from Sianjur Mula-mula, the ancient village of Batak.

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