Raja Alang Pardosi: The Forgotten Powerful King (2)

Alang Pardosi become the king (Raja) and rule the state with wisdom and harmony. The first step he made was to fix the state borders. The area of the territory under his control was large. It stretched from the capital, Kampung Tundang in Rambe, where the center of the state, west to Singkel, east to the borders of Pasaribu, and downstream to the sea shore. It include, therefore, the area now known as Barus and much of its hinterland, main areas of Kabupaten Humbang Hasundutan excluded Dolok Sanggul, and also much part of Kabupaten Pakpak Barat and Dairi till main part of Aceh Singkel.

The descendants of Alang Pardosi becomes sultans in many kingdoms and sultanates, after the spreading of Islam, such as Sultan of Barus (hulu) in Sultanate of Barus and also Sultan of Trumon, in Singkel which also known as Teuku Raja Batak in Acehnese term. Many sultanate in westcoast of North Sumatera also connected to Sultanate of Barus such as Sultanate of Natal and so on.

According to a cronicle, Asal Sejarah Raja-raja Barus, the authority of King Alang Pardosi was extensive, because none of this land was yet settled. It was all still jungle. After sometime several settlement were developed which strectched to Dairi and other places.

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