Raja Alang Pardosi: The Forgotten Powerful King (1)

Alang Pardosi is a fifth son of Raja Kesaktian from Parsoluhan, somewhere in Balige of Toba. The family clan is Pohan. Alang Pardosi left his family and home after a quarrel with his father, which came about because Raja Kesaktian had asked him to travel to Asahan to obtain oil for feast (Puasa).

Raja Kesaktian however completed the feast before Alang Pardosi returns. This so angered Alang Pardosi that he left and traveled with his wife and followers toward the west.

Alang Pardosi journeyed until he reached a place which later called Rambe, now on Rambe name is known as Pakkat of Kabupaten Humbang Hasundutan. There he stopped and founded a place called Kampung Tundang.

After some time the kampung developed and become a popular state (negeri) because many people come there from Toba and settled there and become the citizen of the state.

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