Sultan Marah Laut: Sianjur Mula-mula Segala Limbong, Silindung, Bakkara and Barus (3)

After the Batak had formalized their agreement with Sultan Marah Laut by making solemn oath, he left them to return home. Some time later the Bataks fulfilled their agreement by sending tribute to him at Barus.

Sultan Marah Laur returns and finds Barus Sultanate at war with Acehnese forces, and he intervene succesfully in the conflict. The Acehnese were strong, and Kampung Simugari was on the defensive. When Sultan Marah Laut arrived, he intervene in the fighting and asked the Acehnese to stop their attack. The Acehnese however defied him.

After hearing the argument, Sultan Marah Laut, and his followers, was extremely angry to hear the feeback and he attack the Acehnese forces, who took fright and fled. After they had gone, The Sultan went to Kampung Simugari, where he found that all women had fled and had been taken to Kampung Si Antomas (Manduamas?) by Tuanku Raja Bongsu.

After peace had been restored, Sultan Marah Laut decided to leave and to find a place to make a kampung and a negeri of his own. He found an excellent place called Sawah Lagundi and settled there. Sawah Lagundi, developed in to a big city along with aoutonomous governmentship under the leadership of Sultan Marah Laut. Sultan Marah Laut created his poweful forces, and the city governed by appointed ministers. Sultan Marah Laut is a supreme ruler of Sawah Lagunde only next to his brother Sultan Barus Hili, Marah Sultan and the Sultan of Barus Hulu, Sultan Marah Bongsu.

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