Sultan Marah Laut: Sianjur Mula-mula Segala Limbong, Silindung, Bakkara and Barus (1)

One day Sultan Marah Laut also known as Sultan Bagonjong left Barus after a political turbulace in the state palace of Barus. Barus Sultanate was jointly ruled by his brother, Marah Sultan and the Raja di Hulu.

He travel toward Sianjur Mula-mula or also known as Segala Limbong, the place of his ancestor. Before arriving in Segala Limbong, he stay in Dolok (Sanggul?). There he married and had a son, after which he continued the journey to Segala Limbong and there he was praised by people and assigned as a ruler of Batak population based in Segala Limbong. His people, the Batak of Segala Limbong, knelt in homage below his highness and they raised him become their Raja.

The events symbolised the recognition of the power and authority of Sultan Marah Laut’s ancestor, Sultan Ibrahimsyah, as a ruler of Batak Pasaribu, Silindung and Bakkara. Like Sultan Marah Laut, Sultan Ibrahimsyah was the possessor of considerable prestige. Ibrahimsyah’s, in his era, was widely recognized as sole ruler who has sovereignty over Segala Limbong, Bakkara, Pasaribu land and Silindung before he took control of some part of Barus.

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