Raja Alang Pardosi: The Forgotten Powerful King (3)

After several years of development, a civil war occurred when Si Purba Uluan, a son in law of Alang Pardosi from his Acehnese wife, and a son of an immigrant, Sinamora of Simamora clan, from Dolok Sanggul, revolts and challenges the tribute obligations imposed to the immigrant family of Simamora as per the state rule.

Si Purba and his army, consisted from immigrants from Toba and aggressors from Dolok Sanggul, attacked the king, Alang Pardosi, after a political turbulance, and forced him to exile in a jungle which later developed as a city, a newly founded capital for the state named Si Pigembar. A governtment in exile in created by Alang Pardosi to maintain his power and influence over the state.
Si Purba, however, continued his war by resorted to treachery in order to attack this new capital. A war broke out and Alang Pardosi, who yet never relize the important to build a powerful army, moved once more, traveling further westwards, with his people. He, then, settled at a spot called Huta Ginjang.

This left Si Purba in control of Kampung Tundang, and he claimed to be a sole Raja there. But Si Purba failed to manage the economy of the state when retribution followed under his leadeship. The capital, Kampung Tundang, was struck by famine.

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