Raja Alang Pardosi: The Forgotten Powerful King (7)

Tuan Kadir’s son and successor was Tuan Mualif and his reign Lobu Tua is attacked by Gergasi. The inhabitants of Lobu Tua fled across the Aek Si Rahar river and created two newly settlement in Kuala Barus; one was called Kampung Barus and the other Kota Bariang.

After some time the Gergasi died, peace was restored to the negeri, The Sultan of Barus, Tuan Mualif was succeeded by his son, Tuan Marah Pangsu (in 700’s Hijriyah) and it was in Tuan Marah Pangsu’s reign that a group with a king from Tarusan, Sultan Ibrahimsyah, a Malay of Batak descendant, arrived in Barus after a long political journey from Tarusan, Batu Mundam, Silindung and Bakkara. Sultan Ibrahimsyah is a founder of Raja Berempat or Raja Na Opat institution in Silindung during his journey, and a founder of the first mosque in Bakkara. Later Sultan Marah Pangsu is known as Sultan of Barus Hulu and Sultan Ibrahimsyah is The Sultan of Barus Hilir

In Bakkara, Ibrahimsyah left his local wife along with a child who later known as a ruler of Bakkara, Sisingamangara I, the founder of the Sisingamangaraja dynasty (ruled between 1540-1550 AD). A son of the one Sisingamangaraja’s son, Si Raja Hita, is known as Guru Patimpus, a famous ulema and the founder of Sultanate of Hamparan Perak and also Medan City (1590 AD), the capital of North Sumatera Province. Meanwhile the last Sisingamangaraja or the XII, is a national hero in Indonesia againts the repressive Dutch colonial rule.

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