Raja Alang Pardosi: The Forgotten Powerful King (7)

Meanwhile, in the upper state Raja Tutung succeeded his father, King Pucaro Duan. Unfortunately, the Raja Tutung once again involved in a further dispute with the Simamora line whom granted permission to stay in a resettlement in Rambe land by the late Alang Pardosi after peace agreement achieved.

The leader of Simamora immigrants led by Si Purba son refuse to extend their loyalty to the new king Raja Tutung in Tukka. Raja Tutung therefore traveled to the coast in order to enlist the help of his cousin, Raja Lobu Tua, or Tuan Namora Raja. Together the allied forces of the two kings marched to Tukka and confronted by rebel army in Rambe. The Allied force of Raja Tutung and Tuan Namora Raja succesfully overcome the revolt. Henceforth, the immigrants of Simamora clans agreed to follow the old agreement made between the two sides.

Tuan Namora Raja and his army returned to Lobu Tua. After Tuan Namora Raja died, his son replace him. After several centuries, the succession changed many times before the state accepted Islam.

The first king become the sultan or the ruler in this Islamic Sultanate is Tuan Kadir, the Sultan of Lobu Tua, after conversion of the state to Islam. Many aspect of Islam and Malay adopted side by side with Batak culture.

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