Raja Alang Pardosi: The Forgotten Powerful King (4)

According to Si Purba’s government adviser, a dukun, the famine come about because of Si Purba treachery toward Alang Pardosi. As a remedy, Alang Pardosi was invited to return. But he declined.

He said that he did not want to return to the capital, but that he would go back if Si Purba build a palace, a house for him, in the road at Gotting, Tukka now in Kecamatan Pakkat. This palace symbolised the power of Alang Pardosi over Si Purba and his followers and some people who supported them.

The house was to be in the middle of that road so that all people will have to travel under this house. The house was duly built and Alang Pardosi moved back to Tundang with all his people. On his way he established “pengulubelang” in several of the districts trough which he passed.

According to Ypes, twentieth century etnographic account, the “pengulubelang” was stone images which were indeed erected in Tukka Dolok and Tukka Holbung. Such images were regarded with awe, and only a datuk could approach them. Supplication was made to them for succesful harvests, and they were also used for aggressive purposes to mark out territory.

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