Raja Alang Pardosi: The Forgotten Powerful King (6)

The King’s position at the intersection of important pathways gave Raja Alang Pardosi great authority and become the greatest of all the Rajas in the Batak lands.

Raja Alang Pardosi is thus established as the founder of a line which broke away from the heartland of Toba and began an expansion in to frontier land. The process continued after his death, when his two sons, Pucaro Duan and Guru Marsakot, separated and formed newly states.

Pucaro Duan become the king in the upper state centered in Tukka which was an important center for collecting supplies of camphor and benzoin. Guru Marsakot moved down to the coast itself, and become the king in Fansur Kingdom centered in Kampung Air Busuk. Guru Marsakot is a famous king in the state which populated by many foreigners such as Indian, Persian, Arab, Acehnese, Malay, Chinese and so on. As an international state, the counstry is ruled by Marsakot according to international norms, standards and regulations; a combination of Tamil adat and Batak adat with the adat of Aceh and Melayu.

Soon the capital was replaced; from Kampung Air Busuk to Lobu Tua. After building and developing the state with harmony and progress, Marsakkot died and succeeded by his son Tuan Namora Raja.

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