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Statue Theft:

Hugo E. Kreijger Claims Original Receipt
Tuesday, 11 December, 2007 | 12:29 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Hugo E. Kreijger, the key witness in the statue theft in the Radya Pustaka Museum, Solo, said that the transaction receipt of the historic statue was original.

“I swear, the sales receipt is original. I’m accustomed to seeing the antique goods’ original sales transaction receipt. Hashim (Djojohadikusumo) is also certain that the document is original,” he told Asmayani Kusrini from Tempo last week.

Kreijger, former Director for Asia-Pacific of Christie’s Amsterdam, an antique and historic goods auction body, said that between last March and April, he in fact met with Heru Suryanto—an antique goods seller who has already been declared suspect by the police.

During the meeting, Heru said that King Pakubuwono XII wanted to sell some of his statue collections. Hugo told Hashim Djojohadikusomo—whom he knew in some antique goods auctions—about this information.

According to Hugo, he transmitted that information as Hashim once told him about his intention to establish an institution and build a small museum.

The five Radya Pustaka Museum statue collections were Agustya Siwa Mahaguru, Durga Mahesa Suramadini, Mahakala, Durga Mahesa Suramadini II, and Shiva. The five statues were found to have vanished last month. The police found the 4th-century statues at Hashim’s house in the Kemang area, South Jakarta.

Regarding this case, the Solo Municipal Police declared four suspects. The police also examined several witnesses, including Hashim.

According to Head of the Solo Police , Chief Commissioner Lutfi Luhbianto, the four suspects were arrested. “Next week we will transfer the documents to the court,” he said yesterday (9/12).

“Hugo’s statement, aside from making the case clearer, is important for the investigation development,” said Lutfi.


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