An American Deported From Bandung

Three Foreign Activists Deported
Tuesday, 04 December, 2007 | 13:08 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Bandung: The Bandung Immigration Bureau in West Java decided to deport three environmental activists from the United States, the Philippines and India, yesterday (3/12).

During an examination, they were found of having used immigration permits improperly.

“The immigration permits were not granted for the sort of activities that they were involved in (speaking at a demonstration forum). We have the photos,” said Rachmat Tanjung, the Head of Bandung Immigration Bureau I, yesterday.

The three activists will be deported to their respective countries.

The activists, who were from the Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance (GAIA), were Neil Tangry from the US, Gigie Cruz from the Philippines and Shibu K. Nair from India.

They were arrested during a demonstration in Gedebage, Bandung, last Sunday (2/12).

Bandung Municipal Police said they suspected the three activists were involved in the demonstration rejecting the Bandung City Government’s plan to build a waste-powered electricity generating plant in Griya Cempaka Arum Complex, Gedebage, Bandung.

Adj. Chief Comm. Sonny Sonjaya, Head of Intelligence and Security of the Bandung Police, said the immigration documents of the three activists were visas on arrival.

“These are tourist’s visas,” he said.

The three activists, said Sonny, twice refused to sign the investigation report (BAP) and only signed it after it was presented the third time.

Yuyun Ismawati from Balifokus, who is an Indonesian GAIA activist, confirmed the matter of refusing to sign the BAP.

“We can’t accept the accusation,” she said.

Yuyun acknowledged she was a coordinating member for the activities at Griya Cempaka Arum complex, Gedebage, to which the three foreign activists were invited.

The activities which were supported by GAIA and the Civil Society Forum, she said, was carried out in four cities with different issues.

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