N-219 Aircraft to be 70th Anniversary Gift for Indonesia

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI), the Indonesian aerospace company, is optimistic about completing the assembly of two N-219 aircraft, which will be a gift for the 70th Anniversary of Indonesia in 2015.

"We are optimistic the N-219 aircraft, which is a product of PTDI, can be completed in August 2015 and become a gift for the 70th Anniversary of Indonesia," President Director of PTDI Budi Santoso said here Saturday.

He added that after completing two N-219 aircraft, PTDI seeks to market the propeller plane in 2015-2016.

According to Budi Santoso, the aircraft, which is to be sold for pioneer flights, was designed by Indonesian engineers.

"We want to prove to potential users about the advantages of this plane. If the market's response is positive, PTDI will manufacture 12 to 18 planes per year," Budi Santoso said.

The aircraft, with a capacity for transporting 19 passengers, is to be sold for US$5 million. The price is competitive in its class, he noted.

PTDI is experienced in aerospace technology and has become equal partners with aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Eurocopter and others.

"The N-219 has a potential market. It is able to serve aviation pioneers with short runways," Budi said.

He explained that the domestic market is quite open, since domestic flights, which serve operations in Kalimantan and Papua, use small aircraft.

N-219 is a multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft designed to operate in remote areas and to carry passengers or cargo.

The aircraft, which meets the FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) part 23 requirements, has the largest cabin in its class and flexible doors to carry passengers and cargo.

N-219 is a development of NC-212 that has been manufactured by PTDI under CASA's license.

In addition, PTDI manufactures the CN-235 MPA and civilian model. PTDI is a holder of the marketing license for N-295 in the Asia Pacific region. (antara)

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