Investment Fraud

Dressel Fraud Victims Hire International Lawyer
Friday, 25 January, 2008 | 16:57 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: The victims of the Dressel investment fraud hired the services of a well-known lawyer, Rajah and Tann-KPMG, for handling the fraud case that occurred.

The Crisis Center Investor Dressel and Wahana Bersama Globalindo's spokesperson, Mahendra Handaya, said that Rajah and Tann-KPMG was chosen as it has the ability in forensic investigation. “We want to trace where the money went to from the cross-country legal aspect,” he said in his press statement at the Sultan Hotel's Executive Club.

The lawyer for the Dressel investment fraud case, OC Kaligis, said R & T-KPMG being hired is proof of the victims' seriousness in fighting so their assets can be returned. “If there is no serious response, what the victims hope will not happen,” he said. The handling of this case by the authorities, according to him, is not maximum yet.

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